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Chakra Balancing and HealingThis wonderful session is uniquely created by Premala to balance the physical body and energy system to release stress, worry, tensions, allowing you to come back to your true self. Premala has the gift for tuning into the body and knowing where energy is trapped and not moving freely. Through Reiki and the laying on of crystals on your body, blocks in your energy are released. It is only when energy moves freely that we can truly experience the joy of being alive. You can relax and go deeper and deeper into the essence of who you are.  By moving into your heart, your own inner wisdom and into your body, you move to the core of who you are. It has the potential for being a life-changing experience. Clients share with us how their Reiki & Crystal healing session changed their lives because it helped them get in touch with their trust and joy for life again.

My Reiki healing session with Premala, was so relaxing it allowed me to feel calmness inside, which I have not felt in very long time.  It helped me realize I need to slow down, think about making myself a priority in my own life.  Thank you Premala.  S.T. Kanas City

I felt the stresses of my life slip away as Premala worked on me with her healing energy.  Thank you for creating the sacred space for me to feel nurtured in, and to heal my emotional body.  J.P. Phoenix AZ

Spiritual Vortexes

Sedona intuitive and spiritual healingPeople come from all over the world to Sedona, for it’s breath-taking beauty, the Red Rock formations, relaxation, spiritual healing, and visiting the Vortex sites.

What makes these Vortex sites special?  Within the layers of rock are quartz crystal rock, this quartz crystal helps to amplify the energies, creating a strong vortex spiral of energy that spreads out from the rocks. You can feel this energy on a physical level, emotional level, and spiritual level. It has been said “Sedona calls you!” for one reason or another.

If you have ever felt stressed out, confused, or in need of clarity and direction, or just need time to relax and rejuvenate, it’s time to get back to nature, discover the beauty that’s surrounding you and is within you… all while visiting Sedona’s most sacred sites!

Visit some of Sedona’s most powerful Vortexes, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Vortex, Boynton Canyon, Courthouse Rock.

Spiritual vortex toursA Vortex experience can help you to balance your energies, feel the energies. meditate, contemplate, take time to relax and come back to yourself, finding inner peace, balance and harmony.

“I loved Sedona!, I loved my tour, and Premala you were wonderful, I learned allot of new things, and about my own healing energies. I am happy that I can take back home this experience, to help create a more balanced life for myself. ”  Being out in the Red Rock Vortex Energy was truly inspirational.”  Mary, SC

Sedona Psychic Readings NirupNirup  Barnum
Psychic Reader, Clairvoyant,Teacher,
Medium, Spiritual & Intuitive Counselor,
Past  Life Regression Guide.
Training in Psychic Development

Nirup is a world Renowned Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant and Intuitive/Spiritual Counselor, with twenty one years of professional experience she offers intuitive psychic readings, tarot, spiritual counseling, past life regression, aura chakra reading and balancing.  Nirup is also a psychic medium who can get in touch with loved ones crossed over on the other side.  In her late twenties & thirties she traveled extensively to remote parts of the world immersing herself in others customs and spiritual practices. She spent several years in India training in the areas of Psychic Development, Past Life Regression, Meditation and Counseling. Further psychic studies, along with spiritual and psychological training and work took her though-out Asia, India, South Pacific, the USA and Canada.  Comments from clients you here most often about Nirup are; “Nirup has integrity, honesty and speaks  the truth with such clarity, understanding and compassion”.  “She has a way of seeing right to the core of the situation”.  She has the ability to see you on all levels and gives psychic and spiritual guidance as well as tools to help you on your lifes’ path”.

For the past twelve years she has lived and continues her psychic/spiritual counseling work in mystical Sedona, Arizona. Nirup looks forward to helping you bring positive changes within your life.  Sessions can be in person in Sedona AZ, phone readings, e-mail readings or online psychic chat.  Visit Nirup at or

I was quite impressed with Nirup’s insights into both my physical and emotional states. I believe her suggestions to help both will greatly improve my lifestyle. Thank you.  L.G., Sparta, New Jersey

I felt like Nirup keyed in immediately to a current situation in my life and gave great insight and guidance.   C.R., Yucaipa, California

I loved my reading. She was right on and helpful to find my blocks in my relationship and also to help me release them, to see things much more positively. Nirup is love walking.  S.W., Phoenix, Arizona

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