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Sedona Reiki Healing in Sedona AZI offer sessions in Reiki, Aura/Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing, I also give Spiritual Vortex tours out on the land. I love to teach people about not only feeling and experiencing their own life force and spiritual energies,but also the vortex energies that Sedona is well known for. Sedona is a very magical place where people come to from all over the world, many come for its breathtaking beauty but also for rejuvenation and healing.  It is my deepest passion to help and support others on their journey in life, and I look forward to meeting you…..

How I got to Sedona, like the majority of people, who live here I came from somewhere else. I have been living and enjoying my life here in this magical enchanted land…Sedona, Arizona. Now a full time resident for nearly 4 year.  But first I will back up a bit and give you a little history about myself and my work, and how Sedona became home to me.  I started on my spiritual path 8 years ago, during which some major life changes were underway. It was as if some dormant part of me came to life that I was somehow unfamiliar with but that I trusted enough to the point of taking a back seat if you will, while this newly awakened guiding force was in charge.

At the time I was embarking on a new business, leaving an old relationship, and was ready for a new adventure. I had this overwhelming feeling to get spiritual guidance. After searching the web for nearly 3 days and going through literally hundreds of web sites, I found Nirup a wonderful, highly skilled, highly gifted spiritual counselor/teacher, psychic. She has expertise in energy release techniques, creative therapies such as re patterning, past life regressions, E.F.T., to name just a few.

Nirup taught me so many things about myself and helped me heal on a number of levels. My beloved teacher and friend also taught me how to meditate which enabled me to connect with my Master Osho, an Enlightened Teacher from India.

Sedona Reiki Healing PremalaIn 2006 I sold my business, my home and all of my belongings, except photographs, my computer, and important personal documents. I traveled to India and stayed at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune for the next year. I participated in a Meditation Program for 6 months. I also gave guided tours of the resort in which I had met people from all over the world. After completing the Meditation Program I took several courses in the metaphysical field, meditative therapies, as well as painting. I studied meditations & teachings from different religions, this gave me a broader view of who we are on a spiritual level.

My main focus was my own spiritual awakening, which included studying the Chakra system, and later taking courses to facilitate healing for others. I also participated in 3 – 4 meditations daily as well as facilitating my favorite meditations to large groups of people, 200 – 300. Almost a year later I moved back to the U.S., first visiting my family in South Florida, before moving to Sedona, Arizona. I began my healing work, as a Reiki master, incorporating much of what I learned in India.

My beloved teacher and friend Nirup and her husband also reside in Sedona AZ., where Nirup leads training’s in psychic development and spiritual awakening. Last year I successfully completed a training lead by Nirup – Awakening your Psychic Abilities Level 1 and Level 2. This has given me the sensitivities to go deeper when working with my clients in my healing practice.

I look forward to being a part of your spiritual experience, here in Sedona.



Premala made me feel comfortable right away. I had a workplace injury that was interfering with my life. She brought me relief after just one visit. Now I feel better than ever. Thank you Premala – Sandra B., Scottsdale AZ

Premala was incredibly responsive to the stress and pain I was experiencing. She listened to my needs and managed to bring me to a state of relaxation I have never experienced before. Thanks – Mariah C., Sedona AZ

Not only did your reiki session relax me, but it promoted healing in my back. I have never felt better! Thanks! – Bailey T., Los Angeles CA

For more information on mediation and Osho the Enlightened Mystic who envisioned a Dream for the way the new man can live in freedom, love, and blissfulness go to www.oshomeditationcenterinsedona.com

For more information on Spiritual Counseling, Psychic Readings, Spiritual Development, and more go to www.psychicnirup.com.

To find out more about Sedona, Arizona visit www.visitsedonasoon.com

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