Meditation Classes & Workshops
1/2 Day, One & Two Day Events


Meditation Classes & Workshops

Offering Classes, 1/2 Day, Full Day, and Two Day Workshops

Private & Group Classes – Meditation on Vortexes

Open to anyone who wants to experience meditation – Call ahead to reserve as space is limited.
(we require 4 persons or more to hold this class at this cost)
Smaller groups can be held for additional cost per person.

Learn About Meditation – What it is and what it is not.
Meditation can be a fun and joyful experience.
Understanding What Meditation is and How It Can Benefit You.
How to Live a Meditative Life.
Learn how to celebrate yourself and create freedom in your life.
Experience Easy Steps to Quieting the Mind.
Experience Meditation on the Vortexes.
Learn Various Types of Meditations, active and passive techniques.

Benefits of Meditation:

– Help quiet the mind.
– Help with focus & concentration.
– Increase creativity.
– Improve relations at home & at work.
– Reduce stress and increase productivity at work.
– Lead to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
– Increase blood flow and slows the heart rate.
– Require less time to fall asleep, helps cure insomnia.
– Let go of physical, mental and emotional tensions and
return to a state of calmness, inner peace and balance.

For information and dates call Premala: 928-202-9783


A Class for People New to Meditation

  • Join in the fun of learning what meditation is all about. Simple techniques that you can use everyday.
  • Experience a number of meditations from more passive sitting meditations to active dancing.
  • Meditation is an invitation to make a connection inward to a deeper part of yourself.
  • Reduce unhealthy stress with quick ways to relax and unwind which can be easily integrated into our everyday life.
  • Trans-formative meditations that will help you grow in sensitivity, compassion, joyfulness, intelligence, self healing.

Come experience meditation and various  techniques in a relaxed safe environment that can help you connect to your inner self, opening your heart and deepening the love for yourself while igniting your passion for life and creativity.

Meditations scientifically designed for modern man, with music that has been specifically created with OSHO

The meditations starts with physical activity followed by relaxation and stillness. This is when meditation can happen – a time to just be aware of your body sensations, thoughts and feelings in a self-accepting way without judgement.

Stop Dance Meditation to allow the body to move as it wishes bringing awareness to the sensations in the body, thoughts and feelings in a self accepting way without judgement.

When attending all meditations wear loose comfortable clothing, bring water, and anything you need extra for your comfort.

Although we are joining as a group, meditation is a individual experience.




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