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Past Life Readings/Spiritual Guidance/Chakra Balancing

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit with a relaxing Reiki healing session in Sedona AZ.
Receive clarity and direction though a Psychic Reading or Spiritual Guidance.
Connect to a loved one crossed over, through a medium reading.

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Topics: Relationships, Spiritual & Life Path, Past Lives, Medium Readings.

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Benefits of Reiki:

– Reiki balances and restores your energy that triggers the bodies natural healing ability,
improving health on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
– Allows you to experience a meditative state.
– Helps to make a deeper connection with your higher self.
– Speeds up the healing process.
– A natural pain reliever.
– Aids in better sleep.
– Reiki is used in 15% of all hospitals and clinics to support treatment.

Discover the health promoting benefits that a Reiki session with Premala can provide. Re balance, recharge, de stress and restore your natural flow of energy which will allow you to heal not only your physical body, but also your mental/emotional and spiritual bodies as well.

Premala Sedona HealerReiki is a holistic approach to promoting health, healing, and total relaxation. Reiki is complementary healing modality that can be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatment as it promotes the body to heal faster.

Reiki from two Japanese words pronounced Ray-Key is defined as Universal Life Energy, or Universal Life Force. The universal life energy is the animating force of which everything in the universe is made of. It is found through our bodies, through our organs, and through our cells. When our life force is free to flow uninterrupted we feel relaxed, balanced, and whole. If something however, disrupts our flow of energy due to negative thought forms, stress, physical injury, surgery, trauma, etc. it can make us feel out of balance, fatigued, sad, gloomy, or sick. If your energy is left unbalanced or in disharmony, it will unfortunately resonate all the way down to the physical body causing dis – ease.

Reiki works like this: Once the Reiki master or Reiki practitioner
has been attuned to the Universal Life Force Energy they can with their focus and intention channel this energy which flows through their crown chakra and out the palms of their hands to the recipient in which the energy will flow, cleansing and balancing, and restoring the natural flow of energy. This type of healing may be hands on healing, but can also be just as effective by beaming the energy a few inches off the body or long distance healing. The energy will follow the intention and is not bound by space and time.

Reiki is not a religion, so no belief is required for it to work. Reiki is a holistic approach to life, just as a good sensible diet and regular exercise is important for health and well being, so is ensuring that your energy field is flowing in and around your aura through your bio- energy system, or chakras. And by actively taking responsibility for our life and well being, we find that we our not just merely doing Reiki, we are Reiki. Enjoy your life to the fullest, which is your birthright. Schedule a Reiki session and discover the healer within.

Reiki –  a great gift to yourself!
One hour session – $95.00

Experience this subtle yet powerful ancient Eastern Healing Art
Call Premala to set up a private session.

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